Inspirational Activist and Motivational Speaker

About Ruth


Unlikely Advocate

Ruth Coker Burks was an unlikely advocate for people with AIDS / HIV. A single mom in Arkansas with no background in the medical field, Ruth became involved in the AIDS / HIV crisis while visiting a friend at the University of Arkansas Medical Center in 1984. 

Since then, Ruth has spent over 30 years caring for people who were abandoned by their families and neglected by medical professionals. Ruth worked with President Bill Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas, and served as an informal adviser to him and as a consultant on HIV/AIDS in the White House during his presidency. 


The Red Door

 While visiting her friend at the hospital, Ruth noticed a red door and saw nurses drawing straws to determine who would tend to the patient on the other side of that door. Curiosity got the best of her, and Ruth decided to sneak into the room. That is where she met Jimmy, her first AIDS patient, and her life would never be the same after that chance meeting.


Caring Activist

Ruth has cared for and helped bury over 1,000 people. She found compassionate and like-minded medical professionals to her care for her “patients” and learned as much as she could about the disease to understand the problems her patients faced. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institute of Health sent their professionals to investigate how Ruth’s patients were living, on average, two years longer than others.